Topical issues of education development in Luhansk region

On August 5, 2020, the regional strategic session ‘Topical issues of education development in Luhansk region’ was held, organized by the DECIDE project in cooperation with the Luhansk Regional State Administration. The Session was attended by representatives of the Department of Education and Science of Luhansk Regional State Administration, DECIDE Project experts, representatives of the State Education Quality Service of Ukraine, heads of local authorities, heads of departments/divisions of education of the territorial communities of Luhansk region. Participants were invited to join the definition of educational development criteria.

Nataliya Protasova, Director of the DECIDE project, said: ‘The DECIDE project aims to support two reforms – education reforms and decentralization. Today the task is to identify steps, tools and mechanisms to improve education management in the conditions of decentralization. Our issues are related to strategic planning, with the transfer of education management powers from the regional to the local level. That is why we will discuss together issues related to strategic planning for the development of education in Luhansk region and tools for its implementation’.

Konovalova Valentyna, Head of the Education Department of Stanychno-Luhansk District State Administration, added: ‘I want to note that the criteria should include the level of competence of the students to implement the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in later life, the development of their social competencies. And the school needs help in this direction. First of all, from the founders, from the community’.

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