Survey: financing of education sector and use of educational subvention expenditures

In November of this year, Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities, which is a partner of DECIDE project, conducted a study on financing the education sector and using the educational subvention expenditures.

The study results showed that 67% of communities have enough subvention funds for a salary, 72% of respondents believe that the formula for educational subvention requires significant changes and improvements.

82.05% of the communities, which took part in the study, noted that they usually have the remnants of educational subvention, which are most often used for:

✔ updating the material and technical base (55% of cases);

✔ salary (22%);

✔ fire safety measures (5%).

It was also revealed that the advanced training of 76% of respondents is carried out at the expense of local budget. In addition, the study results showed that 90% of communities are strongly against the withdrawal of the remaining educational subvention.

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