Strategic sessions on development of education have started in Poltava Oblast

On July 21, 2020, Poltava hosted regional strategic session on development of the Education Development Strategy of Poltava Oblast organized by the Swiss-Ukrainian Project DECIDE in cooperation with Poltava Regional State Administration.

The session was attended by representatives of the Department of Education and Science of Poltava Regional State Administration, State Service of Education Quality of Poltava Oblast, education managers from communities, heads of educational institutions of Poltava Oblast.

Natalia Protasova, DECIDE Project Director: “The development and reform of education is impossible without long-term planning. This is particularly important at the regional and community level, as education is the key to their social and economic development. The strategic planning is a process of adaptation to changes, tool of ensuring the effective development of education system of oblast. Those who plan strategically protect their future under the conditions of constant changes”.

“There are many effective approaches to strategy development in the world. All of them differ in long-term planning and cover a horizon of 10 or even 50 years or more. All effective strategies are simple and clear and set realistic goals and objectives that are supported by society. DECIDE project will help partner regions to develop such strategic plans and roadmaps for education modernization and development. We would like the education managers of Poltava Oblast to be actively involved in this work, to focus on the kind of education they would like to see in Poltava Oblast in the future”, said Valentyna Poltorak, DECIDE Project Manager.

The purpose of our sessions is to analyze the general state and directions of education development in oblast, strengths and weaknesses, and key problems that need to be solved.


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