Meeting of the Board and Council of the All-Ukrainian Association of ATCs

On January 27, the DECIDE project team took part in a meeting of the Board and Council of the All-Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities.

The results of the ‘Quality education’ Platform for 2020 were presented at the event and plans for 2021 were presented. The platform is supported by the DECIDE Project.

In 2020, the Platform created a professional community with 127 professionals, held 6 thematic meetings in the format of webinars with representatives of the MinEdu of Ukraine, prepared 4 analytical surveys, posted 42 publications on the website and Facebook page of the Association on the most pressing issues and news of legislation in the field of education. Proposals for legislative and normative-legal acts were also submitted. In addition, representatives of the local communities were regularly consulted on the development of education.

In 2021, work will continue to conduct training and advisory activities for participants of the Platform on the most pressing issues in the field of education, describing best practices and success stories. Analytical research will also be continued to develop democratic education in the communities.

More about the results in our infographic:


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