Ensuring the quality of education as a key factor in the development of education in the regions

On July 30, the strategic session “Ensuring the quality of education as a key factor in the development of education in the regions” organized by NGO DOCCU, Zürich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich) together with the State Service of Education Quality of Ukraine within the Swiss-Ukrainian Project DECIDE – “Decentralization for Improved Democratic Education” was held.

The event was dedicated to the discussion of areas of cooperation on implementation of the tasks of DECIDE Project. The first step in this five-year cooperation is to develop a common vision of the founders’ role in ensuring the development of education quality at the regional and community levels.

Ruslan Hurak, Chairman of the State Service of Education Quality, said: “Participation in DECIDE project will improve the education system in Ukraine. The education reform in Ukraine continues. We are looking for new approaches that will help change the national education system. We focus on two theses: quality and accessibility of education. After all, it is important for us to respect the rights and interests of every student and to create equal opportunities for all children to receive quality education”.

Rolf Gollob, Head of the team of strategic experts of DECIDE Project, Zurich University of Teacher Education (Switzerland), told the participants about the Swiss education system, school assessment and role of communities in ensuring the education quality: “The main thing I want to emphasize is that the school should not be pressured. In order for the school to develop, we need to help it. How can we help the Ukrainian school? Switzerland has a positive experience in managing the education quality. Together with our Ukrainian colleagues, we will develop practical tools allowing teachers and school principals to evaluate and measure the education quality in their schools. We will also try to adapt the Swiss experience of public control over the education quality to the Ukrainian educational realities. I am sure that we will have a great and interesting work ahead!”

The event was also attended by representatives of the territorial branches of the State Service of Education Quality, heads of educational institutions of the partner regions.

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