About new opportunities for education in the communities of Luhansk Oblast

On June 23, 2020, a briefing “New opportunities for education in communities” dedicated to the launch of the Swiss-Ukrainian Project DECIDE was held in Luhansk Oblast.

DECIDE is implemented to ensure that:
– students in Ukraine have equal access to quality education in both cities and villages;
– communities learn to manage education effectively and to involve citizens in decision-making;
– school becomes the educational center of the community – center of democracy and human rights.

DECIDE is designed:
– to support regions and communities in creating new democratic models of education management;
– to promote training of managers in regions and communities to develop the education system in a new way, school principals – to manage transparently and democratically, teachers – to educate active and responsible citizens;
– to promote development of inter-municipal cooperation of communities in the field of education;
– to involve the best Ukrainian and Swiss experts to develop the system of education quality in Ukraine;
– to promote development of mechanisms for national dialogue on education reform.

The project will directly target 16 communities in 4 regions (total population coverage will be approximately 220.000 people, including 46% men and 54% women). The practical experience gained in the partner regions and communities will be disseminated in Ukraine.

Source: https://tribun.com.ua

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